5 Secrets to a Tighter Sexier Tummy

Posted on October 9th, 2014 by admin

Shrink Your Stomach

Everyone is aware of the standard solutions for reducing the look of big belly. For some people, simple things like standard diet and exercise works best. Others quickly realize that their belly fat and shape problems might be a little more complicated to resolve. Here are five uncommon things to consider when deciding on a mission to reshape your midsection.

Alcohol Consumption

It has been proven that the simple carbohydrates and yeasts in alcoholic drinks are stored in very different ways that cheesecake, or french fries. Alcohol reactions simultaneously create lower abdomen bloat, as well as, storage of glycogen around the waistline. The body goes into a defensive mode after just a few drinks. Though the calories might not equate to pounds of fat, the midsection can begin to appear protruded with a consistent alcoholic diet. Cutting out as little as one-third of normal alcoholic beverage consumption will reduce the lines of the belly.


Cortisol is the hormone that is released in the body during times of high stress. It tells the body to be defensive and store nutrients like a camel would store water for a trek across the desert. Simple relaxation and daily management techniques can reduce the Cortisol brain trigger and slowly trim the waistline.

Unused Muscles

The transversiallis muscles are attached to the pelvis, spine, legs and abdominal walls. They are responsible for the “tightness and flexibility” of the mid torso. Most people are sedentary which results in weak internal transverse muscles. Try incorporating a regimen of floor bridges and crunches on a Swiss exercise ball to pinpoint and activate these muscles. When the transverse muscles are strong, the body will be aligned and the belly will pull inward to its natural position. Simple strength exercise can radically change the look of a person’s belly.

Daily Posture

Whether it’s because of fatigue or emotions, most people do not maintain proper posture throughout the day. Slouching will cause the shoulders to sink, the pelvis to tilt forward and the belly to protrude outward. Some skinny people notice that they still can’t get rid of their big bellies. Try standing straight and walking with proper alignment to change the nature of how your abdominals “hang.”

The Good Old Tummy Tuck

After exercise, proper nutrition and body mechanic awareness, it is sometime necessary to change the appearance of the abdominals through radical means. A trusted, board certified Plastic Surgeon can perform simple surgery like a tummy tuck with few complications. This is an appropriate course for people who have lost incredible amounts of weight, or have lost skin elasticity. Seeking the advice from the top trusted plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr Saul, can be the best, route to experiencing life with a firm, tight and attractive abdominal area!

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  1. corina m

    I would like some help regarding my stomach. I have had liposuction and I have tried tightening my skin but it’s still lose. I lose weight I gain weight and nothing. Haven’t had kids. I want and need a tight abs.

  2. norma

    With my breast implants of 12 and a half years now and having pain and problems I wanted to know if you’re able to assist me and will my insurance cover anything that needs to be done or at least part of


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