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At our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office, we believe that true beauty comes from within.The Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery is known among Hollywood’s elite as the “Liposuction Experts”. We’ve performed over 1000 Liposuction procedures and take great pride in having helped to rid patients permanently of their “problem areas”.

Smart Lipo

Smartlipo™ is a unique advancement in the lipolysis system that utilizes a laser technology to liquefy unsightly fat deposits on the waist, face, thighs, arms, or breasts. The laser’s energy disrupts fat cells and makes them easier to be drained away from the body. The laser also stimulates collagen growth that will provide you continuous skin tightening effects for several months after the surgery.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty refers to the surgical procedure of removing droopy abdominal skin and the tightening of the declining elasticity of the abdominal wall muscles. Although diet and exercise usually does the trick for keeping a toned abdomen, there are instances and cases where the loose skin and droopy abdomen is best fixed with a tummy tuck.

Mommy Makeover

Do you want to look fabulous after giving birth? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Our clinic’s mission is to bring back the fabulous you who may have been temporarily hidden during pregnancy. Pregnancy should be a joyous and fulfilling moment, but it may also leave a woman with a lot of concerns when it comes to physical appearance.

Arm Contouring

Brachioplasty is also known as arm contouring or simply, an arm lift. It is a medical process where the arms are smoothened and toned by surgically removing and tightening any excess skin on the arms. In many cases, Arm Lift / Arm Contouring Los Angeles is done in tandem with liposuction.

Thigh Lift

Are you tired of your sagging and unattractive thighs? The answer to your problem is a thigh lift. If you are wondering what this procedure is all about, we have all the answers for you in this article. The Thigh Lift in Beverly Hills, is a medical procedure done to reduce the sagging of a person’s thighs.

Body Lift

A body lift improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. Excess sagging fat and skin are removed to treat conditions caused in part by poor tissue elasticity. In addition, the procedure(s) can improve a dimpled, irregular skin surface, commonly known as cellulite.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

This body enhancing procedure is designed to lift the buttocks to higher position, add volume and enhance its shape. There are two techniques to create these improvements, the first is fat transfer and the other is buttocks implants.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

This is a combined cosmetic vaginal surgery of both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. A vaginal rejuvenation is performed surgically to restore or improve the vagina’s cosmetic appearance or function. These two distinct surgeries can be performed at the same time at our office yielding cosmetically enhanced labia and a tightened vagina during one surgical visit.

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