Butt Lifts Keep Rising in Popularity

Posted on September 17th, 2015 by Sinai

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The Rising Popularity of Butt Lifts

At a certain point in life, everyone has the dreaded moment of stepping out of the shower and catching a glimpse of a caboose that has headed south. The booty that should still be in its prime has distorted and started to sag. It’s an unfortunate side effect of aging, weight loss, an office job that requires sitting all day, or even just an unlucky pull on the genetic slot machine.

With more celebrities highlighting their round duffs in the media — we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth — men and women are looking into cosmetic surgery to help them have more to work with back there. Brazilian butt lift procedures have exploded in popularity, with a 16 percent increase in just the last three years. Over 30 times as many butt lifts were performed in 2014 as were breast augmentations. Those numbers aren’t only due to celebrities flaunting their rears, though. The procedure has become more popular as an option to get rid of ugly fat while making butts bigger and more round, and doctors have started to specialize in the technique.

Surgery Options


In the past, the only real option for butt augmentation were implants, which have fallen out of favor for many patients due to the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift, or fat transfer, technique. Implants are typically placed on top of the muscle in the buttocks to make for a more rounded appearance, with some patients getting liposuction or tuck procedures to prevent sagging skin. While it’s not every surgeon’s favorite surgery, implants are necessary if the patient lacks enough fat to transfer to the butt, or if they prefer the look of implants. Some surgeons have stopped performing the procedure altogether, however, so it’s important to make sure your doctor is experienced and comfortable with implants.

Lift Without Augmentation

A second option is a butt lift without augmentation. In this type of surgery, an incision is made at the top of the buttock and the skin is pulled up sutured, raising the booty without adding volume. Butt lifts cause a bit of scarring, which is acceptable to some patients as it’s within the area covered by underwear and swimsuits, and thus can be easily hidden.

Lift With Augmentation by Fat Transfer

The last option, and the most popular type, is Brazilian butt lift with augmentation. As you might expect, the word augmentation means that the butt is enlarged, but the lift part comes from filling out the butt with fat from other parts of the body to create a slight lift and rounded appearance, rather than an actual lift. For many patients, it’s preferable to utilize a fat transfer; fat deposits found elsewhere on the body are used to enhance the size of the buttocks and make them appear higher. The fat is first removed from other parts of the body using a liposuction cannula, then the fat is processed to ensure it will give a smooth appearance when it’s reinjected into the buttocks.

The risk of slippage and migration that are inherent in implant surgeries is nonexistent, though it does have the downside of having two (or more) surgery sites healing at the same time. Removing fat from other deposits in the body, like the abdomen or thighs, makes for a more natural appearance in the finished product and often a happier patient with a more contoured body and a rounder booty.

What to Expect

The surgery takes up to six hours to perform, usually in an outpatient capacity, though some require an overnight stay. Follow up appointments are set for the weeks following.

Recovery from a butt augmentation is pretty standard compared to any surgery. Most patients can resume mostly normal activity in about two weeks, with no prolonged sitting. Exercise can be resumed in around six weeks, and sitting in about three to four weeks.

If performed correctly by a qualified and experienced surgeon, your butt lift should last a lifetime with no need for touch-ups. Typical weight loss doesn’t cause the fat deposits in the butt to disappear, and because the fat cells shrink with the rest of the body, maintaining the same figure despite a smaller body doesn’t require any special treatment.

Is it Right for Me?

Deciding on cosmetic surgery can be complicated, as taking a step to permanently change your appearance should be a decision you take seriously. A major reason that Brazilian butt lifts have taken off in popularity, however, is that they’re more bang for your buck. If you can imagine having an experienced surgeon help you in getting a sculpted silhouette, with a round bottom, leaner hips and a trim tummy, then you can understand why so many people are choosing to undergo the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

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