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Breast Augmentation

At our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office, we believe that true beauty comes from within.We help our patients make breast augmentation changes to their body, that will help them achieve the look they want. There are a variety of breast augmentation procedures. Take a look at some before and after pictures from our happy, beautiful patients.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, refers to the surgical procedure of removing droopy abdominal skin and the tightening of the declining elasticity of the abdominal wall muscles. Although diet and exercise usually does the trick for keeping a toned abdomen, there are instances and cases where the loose skin and droopy abdomen is best fixed with a tummy tuck. Take a look at some of the great results our patients have gotten!

Arm Contouring

Brachioplasty is also known as arm contouring or simply, an arm lift. It is a medical process where the arms are smoothened and toned by surgically removing and tightening any excess skin on the arms. In many cases, Arm Lift / Arm Contouring Los Angeles is done in tandem with liposuction.


The Beverly Hills Institute of Plastic Surgery is known among Hollywood’s elite as the “Liposuction Experts”. We’ve performed over 1000 Liposuction procedures and take great pride in having helped to rid patients permanently of their “problem areas”. Thankfully Liposuction can permanently remove these unwanted fat deposits, allowing patients to finally feel good in their clothes and more comfortable at the beach.

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