Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for men

Posted on October 9th, 2014 by admin

Traditionally, when a women decides to have plastic surgery, it as seen as an enhancement effort and a status symbol. When men receive plastic surgery, it is most likely a corrective procedure after and accident or a long battle with a health problem.

This absolutely is NOT the case anymore. Men are having elective plastic surgery for many reasons. These include career promotions, fitness goals and general aesthetic concerns. Male plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular. As the demand for expert plastic reconstruction grows, so do the techniques and innovative procedures available. Expert cosmetic specialists like any good Los Angeles plastic surgeon is aware of the body concerns of modern men. Surgical treatments cover any part of the body, and are becoming more commonplace in the masculine world.

By far, the most common plastic surgery procedures that men have are centered around the face and neck. These reconfigurations include nasal rhinoplasty, jaw augmentation and the tightening of skin under the chin. Other popular plastic surgeries include liposuction, or fat removal, for all parts of the body.

The male plastic surgery that has experience the greatest popularity increase is Gynocomastia. Los Angeles plastic surgeon techniques are exquisitely positioned to handle this type of procedure, but so are facilities and surgeons all over the country.

Male Gynecomastia, is a type of plastic surgery that removes fatty build-up and extra skin from around the nipple region of the chest. Whether is it because of steroid use, extreme weight-loss, or unfortunate genetics, many men are electing to have surgery that reshapes the look of their chests. This is a plastic surgery that is only successful under the watch of experienced plastic surgeons.

The great news about an increasing number of men wanting plastic chest procedures, is the indication that these men are becoming more fit. The greatest need for this type of surgery is found in men who have taken control of their lives and lost incredible amounts of weight. Extreme fat loss is known to leave stretched skin and deposits around areas of the body like the chest. With directed incisions and tissue removal, these men can have a brand new start to a masculine lifestyle with a healthy-looking and properly-shaped chest region.

Gynecomastia requires several surgical treatments and a fairly long recovery period. Substantial scarring is expected, but these marks can be hidden with a continued lifestyle that promotes chest muscle growth and reshaping. At least 4-6 weeks is needed to recover from this type of procedure. Without extra hanging chest skin and fat, the motivated male will realize his new lease on living with a fit and functional body. Statistically, these surgeries motivate men who truly need this procedure to maintain and build on their brand new body composition.

Male plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of, or dismiss. It is an incredible tool for men who want to improve their image. Elective procedures are available for vanity improvents, but a procedure like chest tissue reduction, is available for the man who is desperate to shed certain unwanted features.

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