Dr. Saul Lahijani performed my breast implant surgery in 2006, it has turned out be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Before seeing Dr. Saul, I was very self-conscious about my breasts so much in fact I would not dare be seen wearing revealing clothing nor would I wear swimwear without a cover-up. I was even embarrassed to have a consult with him, but front he moment he started the consultation I felt comfortable and reassured that he could help me. His recommendations for my procedure were perfect (the size, under the muscle, and through the areola) I have no visible scarring whatsoever and the size is perfect. I have several female friends who have had implants or have seen others and all agree that Dr. Saul’s work is by far the best and I agree

Melissa H., Casey IL

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Dr. Saul Lahijani is. Now I can look a my face in the mirror and smile. My face started to lose the volume, I notice the deep circles under my eyes…everyone was asking me if I’m tried or sick. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Lahijani since I did not have a good experience with another doctor. Dr. Lahijani recommended Radiesse for volume and Restylane for under my eyes. I have to say he is one of the best injectors out there. He restored my face to its youthfulness. Now I get compliments on how good I look….everyone says that I look so refreshed, rested…the secret is, I went to the very talented Dr. Saul Lahijani…he is the Michelangelo of restoration of facial features. Thank you for making me feel beautiful again.

Izzy M., Studio City, CA

I truly believe I need to let everyone know about how wonderful Dr. Saul Lahijani was to me. I feel so happy after having had laser liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen and my love handles. I feel incredible. I’d always dealt with self-esteem issues, but the level of self-esteem I am currently carrying around is incredible. I looked at my before and after pictures and seriously could not believe my eyes…tears literally came rolling down. I could not believe the dramatic difference until I saw it with my own two eyes. Dr. Saul is truly a gifted surgeon and I feel so blessed that he made it into my life as my surgeon. I will never be able to thank him enough. Thank you doctor!

Molly S., Los Angeles, CA

As we age our bodies don’t always cooperate with diet and exercise so calling on an expert is sometimes necessary. I did my homework and researched various body contouring technologies on the Internet. Next I had a few consultations and determined Dr Saul was the best choice. I drove 50 miles to have him take care of me. I made the best choice. My results are excellent. I’m quite happy and will return next summer for a little more help. Thank you to Dr Saul and the staff especially Lulu!

Ontario, CA, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Saul is an amazing doctor. I’m extremely happy and fully satisfied with my results. Without hesitation I will be returning for a second procedure with Dr. Saul. He definitely took cost and overall results into consideration to suggests less painful and less invasive procedure at half the cost.

Javier J., Phoenix, AZ

I came here originally for another consult regarding a revision on my existing implants.

The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, considering I was towing my 5 year old around with me during the time of my initial visits.

I made my decision to go with Dr. Saul, because he is informative, and thorough.

As a business owner myself I value a professional whom genuinely cares for their business, staff, and patients. Like mentioned in other reviews Dr. Saul is down to earth and well mannered, positive, realistic, and confident.

I had my saline 375cc replaced with 500 gummy silicone. I had a capsulation in one breast, Dr Saul removed the capsulation and adjusted my breast pockets beautifully.

During one of my Post op appointments I figured since I was there and years of frowning had caught up to me… ( yes botox) Dr Saul did 25 units on my forehead. I am more than pleased with the results. My mom and Grandma are jealous. ( I may just bring them in for a treat).

3 weeks in… My forehead is smooth and lovely. My breasts are healing beautifully!

Dr. Saul is worth every penny.

Hawthorne, CA

This review is to highlight Dr. Saul and his work but it started with a surgery last year with Dr. Hugh’s to what Dr. Saul did to fix me all the way up!

I am 80% happy with my Butt lift/ fat transfer surgery with Dr. Hugh’s . The cheek on the right side in has a slight ledge and is not smooth to the upper right and the lower right. However my butt looks very nice. My surgery with Dr. Hugh’s was also supposed to include lipo of my bra fat area as well as my flanks and lower back. I feel Dr. Hugh’s simply took the fat that he needed for my butt and left my back still very fat (although better). My flanks were much better; but my new butt was hard to enjoy with no smoothing of my back into my butt. But again, it was better than before.

Then I met Dr. Saul! He had extremely comfortable “bedside manner” and made me feel very at ease. I came to Dr. Saul from a groupon and he treated me no different. I signed up to have my back fat finally (hopefully) removed and Dr. Saul did a WONDERFUL job! It is only 2 weeks post surgery with Dr. Saul and although I still have a lot of swelling…it looks great! I finally have my back back in my life after over 20 years and I can now wear all the sexy lingerie, bras and tops I want thanks to Dr. Saul!

Margaret O., Citrus Heights, CA

I’m only 2 weeks post-op but so far, I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Saul as a plastic surgery first-timer! Found Dr. Saul via Groupon, then got in touch with the lovely patient coordinator Lulu a few months ago (had soooo many questions via email that she so patiently and kindly answered) and went to two separate consultations with my husband before I made a final decision (visiting both locations in Los Angeles and Valencia), and each time Dr. Saul was super friendly, welcoming, patient and answered every question we both had about the procedure. My husband loved Dr. Saul! We spent a lot of time going over different options, and I finally made a decision. Went through with my breast augmentation procedure on July 2nd and have had a pretty smooth and speedy recovery since, almost like I never underwent major cosmetic surgery! I was amazed. Really happy with my results thus far, and can’t wait to see my final before and after pictures in a couple of more months once I am fully healed. I can’t thank their staff enough for taking good care of me in the OR (including the sweet nurse Jo, and the anesthesiologist (whose name I could never get right!) and the second nurse on staff too). Made me feel very much at ease and I’m glad they have an office right near where I live! So convenient. Anyway, Thank you Dr. Saul, Lulu, and Staff! I thoroughly appreciate your attentiveness with me.

Debbie B., Citrus Heights, CA

Great staff! I had a really great experience. Everyone was so patient with me, answered all my questions & made me comfortable. Dr. Saul was so nice and interacted with me during the procedure ensuring I was ok & he even called and followed up after a day just to make sure i was ok. Thank you so much & I’ll def come back.

Michelle L., Citrus Heights, CA

I had an awesome experience working with Dr. Saul. He was friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly the results were fantastic! After the procedure Dr. Saul called me and text me personally just to check up on me. Over the next several days his staff would call too, to see how I was feeling and see if I had any questions. I’m really glad that I decided to go with him. I would recommend Dr. Saul to anybody looking to get some work done. Thanks again Dr. Saul!!

Jonathan B., Castaic, CA

Dr. Saul and staff are simply Amazing!!!

The day of my consultation, Dr. Saul made sure to answer all my questions and any concerns I had. Lulu, the patient coordinator was also very helpful and accommodating as far as dates, times, and payment plan.

The day of my appointment, of course I was nervous and a little bit scared. but the nurse that took me in went through a list of things on what to do and what to expect. Then the anesthesiologist came in and explained everything very thoroughly.

Long story short, I was awake from surgery feeling some pressure and a little bit sore..but other than that, recovery was great, no bruising or swelling.. I was able to drive after 3 days.

I highly recommend Dr. Saul.!

Rebecca G., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Saul is amazing! I got a Tummy Tuck w/lipo and I’m about 4 weeks post-op and couldn’t be happier. After doing some research and “shopping around” for a plastic surgeon I was not happy with most of the scar placements from the other surgeons (way to high or “U” shaped not cute). A friend of mine had a tummy tuck and I was blown away by her results, she referred me to Dr. Saul.

He did an amazing job! My tummy tuck scar is extremely thin (looks like a pen line) & the placement is really low (no “u” shape). My belly button is perfect couldn’t be happier. Not only am I happy with my results I’m happy with the over all experience. The staff in his office are very nice and welcoming, each time I’ve been there there is little to no wait time. Dr. Saul has a great bedside manner, he cares about his patients, and makes you feel comfortable! I would highly recommend going to Dr. Saul!

Jesica M., Long Beach, CA

This place is great in every way. All of the receptionist could not be more friendly. Can the doctor is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything to you so you feel comfortable. I’ve been to multiple surgeons and have generally found the bedside manner to leave something to be desired. But in the case of this doctor the patient is always a top priority and it shows

Dustin N., Monrovia, CA

I have looked at laser treatment for my feet before and the price has always pushed me to try over the counter treatment first. Now that had a positive effect in that I saw a slight improvement and nothing got worse. Then I saw a living social deal for $299 and it was close to work so I figured why not.

I arrived a few mins ahead of my appointment and was greeted professionally, given some paperwork to fill out and then whisked off to a treatment room.

The lady who took me back started running through a list of things to expect as well as the importance of follow up, then another came in who was going to do the procedure and introduced herself. I think her name was Erin. She examined my feet and noted the ones that needed the most attention and went over any questions again before filing a few toenails down. (She did mention there is normally an admin fee but was waiving it since she only needed to do a few toenails).

She told me to let her know when it got too hot, and I asked what that meant, she set my expectations by letting me know enough to want it to stop. And off we went, did it hurt, yes a little bit though she was quick to react when I let her know it got hot, people react differently so your mileage may vary.

For a deal like this I am always worried that you can get less that full attention. In this case not so, I was very impressed and even purchased the foot cream and spray before I left despite the price being clearly a little higher than the grocery store. It was convenient and I appreciated the service.

I have a follow up in three months, hopefully this will really help things.

I was highly impressed and gave my wife the website as a possible place to look for other treatments as well.

Ashley M., Los Angeles, CA

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