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SmartLipo Laser-assisted Liposuction
Safer, Less Risk and Faster

In line with our commitment to provide better and quality results to our patients, we now offer the revolutionary lipolysis procedures called SmartLipo and VASER Liposelection- a laser assisted liposuction which delivers a refined body contouring by dissolving unwanted body fats in a guaranteed safer, faster and non-invasive fashion than the traditional liposuction.

Why prefer SmartLipo?

Smartlipo™ is a unique advancement in the lipolysis system that utilizes a laser technology to liquefy unsightly fat deposits on the waist, face, thighs, arms, or breasts. The laser’s energy disrupts fat cells and makes them easier to be drained away from the body. The laser also stimulates collagen growth that will provide you continuous skin tightening effects for several months after the surgery.

This technique is performed under a local anaesthetic that will keep you awake and lets you talk to our doctor even during the procedure. Our doctor uses a smaller cannula (tube) during the surgery that results to less swelling and bleeding. Hence, there is faster healing and no stitches are required. Results can be apparent even after one session. Smart Lipo is performed in an office setting and hospitalization is not required.

The Procedure

During SmartLipo, the area to be treated is infused with a saline solution containing a local anaesthetic. A very small incision is then made in the skin. A very small cannula (tube) containing the laser fiber is inserted into the fatty layers. The small laser fiber delivers energy directly to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away.

After the procedure

After the procedure, pain experience is minimized due to the numbing effects of local anaesthesia. The SmartLipo laser causes small blood vessel coagulation resulting in less swelling and bruising and faster healing. Most people return to normal activities within two to three days after the procedure. Compression garments are typically worn for 2 weeks as compared to 6 weeks for traditional liposuction.

Possible Complications

While no surgery guarantees zero risks, the use of local anaesthesia in the procedure generally carries lesser risks than procedures that require general anaesthesia like traditional liposuction.

We understand that this may be a difficult decision for you in regard with Smart Lipo. In our clinic, we invite you to learn more so you can make an educated decision about what suits you best. We warmly invite you to schedule a personal consultation with us.

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