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The Importance Of Buccal Fat Removal

When you were still young, you might have probably enjoyed your grandmother or other people pinching your chubby cheeks. However now that you are older, having rounded cheeks is something that is embarrassing. Having rounded cheeks are caused by different factors but one of the most common causes is the presence of fat pads called buccal fats stored in the cheeks. This is the reason why those who have round cheeks are also dubbed as chipmunk cheeks. To make matters worse, the size of buccal fats can also be aggravated by genetics and obesity.

Since buccal fats can be unsightly, people tend to undergo buccal fat removal. This particular procedure is perfect among people who have permanent fat cheeks and those who suffer from low self esteem due to their chubby cheeks. The extraction of buccal fat is a cosmetic surgical procedure wherein the surgeon makes an incision inside the back part of the mouth specifically between the gums and cheeks. Once the incision is made, pressure is applied outside the cheeks in order to force the fat out from the incision. The surgeon can remove as much buccal fat from the cheeks as possible. As soon as he or she is satisfied with the shape of the cheeks, the incision is then closed using dissolvable sutures.

Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

This particular procedure is not a major Cheek Reduction Los Angeles surgical method thus most doctors perform them inside their offices. The doctor only needs a local anesthetic injected into the area where incision is made. Moreover, the doctor will also need to use a medication that will constrict the blood vessels to reduce the bleeding. The procedure usually takes about an hour to complete.

Recovery Period

Once done, most patients experience moderate pain which can be controlled via pain killers. Moreover, swelling is also evident during the first few days. Bruising may also be visible on the area where pressure has been applied to release the excess buccal fat. Lastly, patients may also suffer from a temporary loss of sensation on their cheeks but will eventually subside after a few weeks.

Patients who have undergone the buccal fat removal procedure or Cheek Reduction Los Angeles can get back to work a week after the procedure. In order to ensure fast recovery, it is important for patients to refrain from doing strenuous activities. They also need to follow diet restrictions due to the presence of sutures inside their mouth. Moreover, they have to make sure that they maintain good oral hygiene to prevent infection.

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