Earlobe Repair

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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair Los Angeles is the surgical process of repairing ear lobes that are stretched out, drooping, ripped or torn. Earlobe repair should not be mixed up with otoplasty or ear surgery as the latter is done to repair deformed or protruding ears. Many people seek earlobe repair especially when their ear lobes have been marred by earrings and to restore overstretched earlobes due to body piercing.

Earlobe Surgery ABCs

The length of earlobe surgery typically takes an hour however, there are cases that it goes more than an hour and this is dependent on the amount of reconstruction your earlobes need. The surgery is likewise performed with the use of a local anesthesia. For stretched or droopy earlobes, the cosmetic doctor would need to excise the excess skin so that your earlobe size can be reduced.

There are also earlobes that are split fully due to damage and the doctor would need to attach both sides of the lobes with a suture. It would require removal of the injured ear piercing tract. After that the inner, outer and fatty tissues in between will need to be sutured together. This type of surgery can only be performed once the earlobe wound has healed.

On the other hand, Earlobe Repair Los Angeles that are not fully torn can be operated on right away. You can even have your ears pierced after your surgery, on the same day but this would also depend on how long your surgery would take. If this is the case with you, you can have a stud earring in place right away on the condition that the stud earrings should not be removed for two months. Your doctor will also give you with in depth information with regards on the care of your re-pierced ears and when you can change your earrings too. Otherwise, you can also opt to have a space or stitch in place for an earring where you could place your future earring after six weeks has elapsed.


After the surgical process of Earlobe Repair Los Angeles, you may feel a bit of discomfort and this can easily be treated with an over the counter pain pills. Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you on the applicable pain medications that you can use along with instructions on how to take care of your earlobe for speedy healing. Dressings are not applied to your earlobes, however you need to diligently smear antibiotic medication on your suture sites to avoid infection. The sutures are usually stripped off within a week particularly when the swelling has diminished.

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