Surgery Aftercare Facility

Los Angeles, Palmdale and Valencia

During your recovery period, some patients may choose to stay at Serenity aftercare facility where 24 hour nursing care and all the amenities of a luxury hotel ensure that you are safe and comfortable. At Serenity, you will experience the care, comfort, and security that are essential to your recovery.

Our office will take care of all of the details associated with your stay in the aftercare facility, such as arranging for transportation to and from our office for post-operative visits following your surgery. The aftercare will also work closely with our staff to assure your post-surgical care is given with constant vigilance. During your recovery room stay, they will monitor such important items as proper recovery equipment and safe and proper medication administration.

Not all patients are required to go to an aftercare facility-that will depend on the surgical procedure(s) performed, the person’s age and other factors. If our doctor’s recommends that you stay in an aftercare facility, it will probably be for 1-2 nights. You will be given information on your options at the time of your consultation.

Private Duty Nursing

For out of town patients, or for local patients, who would prefer a more personalized recovery, we will arrange for private duty nursing. Private duty nurses can provide personalized one on one care to patient.

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